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Join us for the 45th Annual March for Life Friday, Jan. 16-20, 2018 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. See for more information, or call our office to learn more -- 402-3 99-0299.
November 2017
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Take part in #GivingTuesday and reach people through NUFL

When you participate in #GivingTuesday, you help Nebraskans United for Life reach people like Amy,

Single mother Amy (right) and her daughter, Royalle, sit surprised in our NuLife Pregnancy Resource Center this summer, when they learn that they would receive free diapers and many baby supplies with our car seat gift  so they can take Amy’s son home from the hospital after he was born six weeks premature.

her son Andrew (who was born six weeks premature), and her daughter, Royalle! (See photo, right.)

#GivingTuesday is an annual day of giving that takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their Christmas and end-of-year giving.

Your partnership with NUFL connects you with others to help reveal their Godly value of life. In 2017, for example, NUFL donors further helped in the following ways:

  • Supported over a dozen women, and a handful of men, through our NuLife Pregnancy Resource Center with supplies for their newborn babies, and provided FREE pregnancy and STD tests, which opened the door for us to provide them with health and relationship education.
  • Our sonogram-equipped RV shared the pro-life message with eight schools/events.
  • Just this month, donors made our sex education outreach possible. “The Silver Ring Thing” drew over 270 youth, with about 50 students taking a stand for purity by wearing silver rings as a reminder—and a statement—of avoiding sexual impurity and disease altogether by preserving intimacy for marriage. A new group of students and many parents became more aware of the importance of sexual risk avoidance.
  • We also host, or support, such events as 40 Days for Life, Life Chain, March for Life, National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, and more.

Will you please prayerfully consider joining in this year’s #GivingTuesday by becoming a member of NUFL?

  • A $750 Gold Membership helps our RV tour Nebraska and elsewhere. Gold Membershis receive two (2) tickets to our Annual Celebration of Life Dinner set for Jan. 12, 2018.
  • A $350 Silver Membership keeps baby items supplied for mothers in need.
  • A $150 Patron Membership helps supply brochures, information  and give-aways such as Precious Feet pins pictured here, that are distributed at conferences, fairs and wherever we appear.
  • A $35 Family Membership helps provide communications, such as regular newsletters to you.

Membership, or donations of any amount, can be secured by sending a check to NUFL, 143 S. 38th St., Ste. B, Omaha, NE 68131, or by

The future is bright for Nebraskans UNITED for Life, and we’d love to have you on our team!

Remember to donate here!

Our Mission: Nebraskans United for Life’s goal is to restore a culture of life through legal, social and personal recognition of the value and right to life of individuals from biological beginning to natural death, and to ensure abstinence is presented as a positive choice.

Naumann will lead Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee

With 54 percent of the votes, Archbishop Joseph Naumann was chosen to lead the Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee. The other candidate, Cardinal Blase Cupich, who served in Bellevue, Nebraska before being promoted to the position in Chicago, took the remaining votes.  Read more about what’s being seen as a pro-life victory here.


Interview with Merritt, NUFL’s January keynote speaker

With our January 12th banquet fast approaching, here’s a chance to learn more about our keynote speaker, Sandra Merritt. Take a peek at this exclusive interview.



Over 500 preborn children saved during 40 Days for Life

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s fall 40 Days for Life campaign!

This report has been shared from headquarters in Texas.

What were your experiences? Message us on Facebook to let us know!


‘I have something better for you’

Twenty-year-old Jaye, of Massachusetts, is one of 12 young adults touring the nation as part of The Silver Ring Thing. Their event will be held in Omaha Sunday, Nov. 5 at the Scott Conference Center, with Air Force Airman Jarell Roach opening the show in comedy at 5:45 p.m. Click here for ticket information.

What follows is a snippet of Jaye’s story she will share at the event…

When I was 16, I made a commitment to wait until marriage to have sex. I figured it would be worth the wait. But then I was challenged by God — He asked me if I were to stay single the rest of my life … if He would still be enough, and if I would still honor Him with my body sexually.  

I hated that question, because I knew it was a no. I was only waiting to only get something in return. But after realizing where my heart was, I now know that this commitment is not only to get something out of it at the end, but to honor God because He asked me to. I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing this for Him.

The Lord constantly reminds me that He has a promise for me that has nothing to do with men. So whenever a guy comes up to me or an attraction stirs, God always lets me know, “I have something better for you, Don’t’ settle.”

There are a lot of good guys out there, but none of them can satisfy what my soul’s actually craves — love, confidence and security. Only Christ can fully satisfy that.

Sometimes He’ll whisper to me, “If I give this man to you, will you find your security and confidence in Me still?”

There’s nothing on this earth that can satisfy you – even friendships or, even my mom, or my sister still fall short. God is that source. My passion is to let kids know that the Lord that created them and He’s the One you need to run to, not man.

Silver Ring Thing team members eagerly await their Sunday, Nov. 5 performance in Omaha’s Scott Conference Center, 6450 Pine St., starting at 5:45 p.m. Front row, from left: Sidney, Lauren, Gabe, Ali, Jaye, and Jordan. Back row: Zach, Jay, Luke, Kaycee, Jimmy and Alex.



Pray to end abortion! Sunday ends fall ’40 Days for Life’ 2017

Over 13,300 lives have been saved from abortion during a 40 Days for Life campaign in the 10 years since it started. Other statistical results have been reported during that time of peaceful prayer vigils on sidewalks outside abortion mills:

  • 154 abortion workers have quit their jobs
  • 86 abortion facilities have closed
  • 4,876 total campaigns since 2007
  • 715 cities
  • 44 countries
  • 750,000 individual participants
  • 19,000 churches

Please join others on sidewalks outside the following abortion mills in Omaha and Bellevue to pray for abortion to end, so children can be saved from death and women can be saved from the aftermath. And, please encourage middle school through college age students to attend the Silver Ring Thing to set themselves on a course to prevent unplanned pregnancy–and from broken hearts, broken families, and sexually transmitted disease.


Happy Holy Evening

Yes! That’s right, a holy evening! Why? Because “hallo” in Halloween means holy. Think of the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed (holy) be Thy name. And “ween” means evening. So, when we say happy Halloween, we are really saying, “Happy Holy Evening.” Because tomorrow is All Saint’s Day, a holy day. And the night before which is the eve of this holy day, is also holy, because it’s a preparation for All Saint’s Day. So, when we decorate our house with witches, ghosts, and gobblins and dress up similar to this, even if it’s done “just for fun”, it’s really a contradiction to what Halloween is truly about. Let’s bring
back the true meaning of Halloween.

So with a little treat
We give a little sheet.
To remind you of this Holy Day,
Which is soon about to come our way.

So, now with the true definition of Halloween in mind, I would like to say to you: “God Bless you, and may you truly have a Happy Halloween.”

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