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Jan. 12—Celebration of Life Dinner fundraiser: Sandra Merritt will be the keynote speaker at our annual banquet and silent auction fundraiser. Merritt and fellow citizen journalist David Daleiden participated in an undercover video sting and exposed the sale of aborted baby body parts. Come hear Merritt tell the story of the remarkable undertaking that remains, and the historic legal battle it has become. The event will be held at the DC Centre, 11830 Stonegate Drive, Omaha, NE 68164. Tickets are $45, and may be purchased by clicking our “Donate” button at the bottom left of our home page, by mailing a check to NUFL, 143 S. 38th St., Omaha, NE 68131. Steak and shrimp will be served.
October 2017
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Governor thanks Life Chain participants by joining them in Omaha

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts takes a stand with Nebraskans United for Life Executive Director Kristan Gray and over 1,000 others during the Life Chain event in Omaha on Oct. 1, 2017.

Nebraska is a pro-life state. That’s according to its governor, Pete Ricketts, who participated in the Life Chain event along Dodge Street in Omaha with about 1,000 other pro-lifers on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. The 30th annual event also transpired with thousands of others across America and Canada as a public stand to honor millions of humans who have died in the abortion holocaust, and to pray for those in surprise pregnancy situations.

“I want to thank everybody who’s out here on Life Chain Sunday to raise awareness about abortion and the evils of it, and to really pray for a change of heart in the people of our country to understand that abortion kills children,” Ricketts said. “We’re here to remind people that Nebraska is a pro-life state and we’ll continue to push pro-life legislation.”

In April, Ricketts legislatively approved a measure that will offer “Choose Life” license plates that will be available in January. Other pro-life laws in Nebraska include the following:

Other Nebraska pro-life laws can be found at

NOTE: The 40 Days for Life prayer vigil campaign will continue on sidewalks outside abortion centers through Nov. 5.

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