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October 2017
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Ambulatory care needed at abortion centers

“Safe.” That’s how Planned Parenthood markets their abortions. Are they “Safe”? Well, three times in the past few weeks alone, ambulances have rushed to abortion centers in America.

The 40 Days for Life organization reported two ambulances called recently, and one was called to Planned Parenthood in Omaha on Monday, Oct. 2. It is not known whether the person needing medical assistance was an abortion client, or if Planned Parenthood staffers are often in need of ambulatory care. But it begs the question: Safe? For whom? Abortions are NEVER safe for the prenatal child. And apparently, they’re not always safe for the woman.

According to,  at least two women died last year after having an abortion: Jamie Lee Morales of Buffalo, New York—who died after blood loss from a second trimester abortion—and Cree Irwin-Sheppard of Michigan who had her abortion at Planned Parenthood and was found dead by her mother just days later.

“Based on the pattern of underestimation of legal abortion deaths, it is highly likely that more women died from legal abortion from 2013 to 2016 than we currently know,” wrote Kelli, a former pregnancy resource center director who served as blog editor for and

Help keep women and their prenatal children truly safe by getting involved to help end abortion.  Give us a call at 402-399-0299—and if you’re a woman needing options for a surprise pregnancy, give us a call or stop by our office inside Surprise Thrift Shop at 143 S. 38th St. between Farnam and Dodge in Omaha. We exist to help.


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