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November 2017
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#GivingTuesday is one week away!




Andrew not only surprised his mother, Jo, by arriving in May, six weeks before his due date, he surprised paramedics by showing his face in the living room as they walked in to transport Jo to the hospital to give birth! Your donations helped us provide this single mother and her baby with a car seat, diapers and clothes to get started in their new life together. And, since Andrew needed extra care, your donations helped pay some bills as well. Here are Jo’s own words, below:

Thank you for the gifts you gave my son and I to help us start our life together. The peace of mind and the emotion available for bonding, which otherwise would have been used up on procuring such needed things, were even more precious. I did not have a baby shower. No family came to the hospital to visit us. What you did made up for that. God finds ways to provide that which is missing. He used many hands and hearts to do His work. Thank you for being His hands, feet, eyes and hearts for us. Jo and Andrew

While the outcome was good for this little family, for every Jo and Andrew, there are more who need our help. That’s why we’re participating in the sixth annual #GivingTuesday! 

If you would like your donation of any amount to be utilized as a matching challenge on that day, call our office at 402-399-0299.


Our Mission: Nebraskans United for Life’s goal is to restore a culture of life through legal, social and personal recognition of the value and right to life of individuals from biological beginning to natural death, and to ensure abstinence is presented as a positive choice. 
Your gift is tax deductible and we offered you no gifts or premiums for your donation.

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