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2005-2006 News II

NEWS Archives: Part II:
The articles contained here do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Nebraskans United for Life or its affiliates.
They are a sampling of what the media is saying in relation to Life Issues and for informational purposes only.

Archived news:

‘Morning after’ pill not given to victims:
A national survey found that hospitals and treatment centers do not routinely provide rape victims with emergency contraception. Facilities in Florida were no different.

John King: White House ‘ready to go’ on O’Connor replacement.

Do Not Fund Destructive Embryo Research!!!
NUFL Activism Alert.
As early as the week of July 11, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on a bill authorizing use of federal funds to encourage the destruction of live human embryos for stem cell research. From July 2 to July 10 the Senate is scheduled to be in recess. This time is an excellent opportunity for pro-life leaders to schedule meetings with Senators in their state offices…

Doctors split on euthanasia law.

Abortion rights groups gear up for battle over Court:
Abortion rights groups jumped into action Friday immediately after Sandra Day O’Connor’s resignation.

Row grows in late-term abortion case.

Federal court judge bars Idaho from enforcing new abortion consent law .

FDA Warns About Antidepressants, Suicide.

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, Inc.:
Powerful New Tool in Fight to End Abortion.

Nurse fired for refusing to give abortion pill.

Suit targets parental notice on abortion:
A federal lawsuit argues that a new Florida law requiring physicians to notify parents when their minor daughters seek abortions could endanger the girls by delaying emergency treatment.

11th Circuit’s Pryor Calls Abortion ‘Evil’ but Says He’ll Follow Laws.

Abortion Clinic Evicted in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Bill to capture U.S. funds sets up abortion squabble:
Siding with abortion-rights supporters, the Schwarzenegger administration is pushing legislation to capture millions in new federal funds while helping to protect a woman’s right to abortion against potential legal challenge.

Church can never accept abortion – Pope’s book.

Abortion foes go public.

Bill for Morning-After-Pill Passed in N.Y.

Adult stem cells in breakthrough.

Sperm donors’ offspring reach out into past

Bill requires ultrasound prior to an abortion:
State Senate takes up measure, but the governor doesn’t support version.

Federal court overturns Virginia ban on abortion.

Ruling may open door for criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood:
Planned Parenthood of Indiana must turn over to the state the medical records of clients under the age of 14, a judge ruled Tuesday, clearing the path for the state to pursue a criminal investigation of the organization.

Man Gets Life Under Fetal Protection Law:
A 19-year-old accused of causing his teenage girlfriend to miscarry two fetuses by stepping on her stomach was convicted Monday of two counts of murder.

Autopsy findings do little to appease pro-life camp

Fans praise rapper’s pro-life video

Texas death penalty under fire from Supreme Court

Walking for life

Christian doctors defend right to refuse abortions opening text:
California suing to overturn statute that protects pro-life physicians.

Anti-Abortionists Make Example Of Durbin To Bishops

Homicide-suicide in elders a growing concern

Man convicted for causing miscarriage taunted girlfriend in letters

Abortionist accused of eating fetuses:
“A Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic with fetuses kept in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch…”
“As for the ‘procedure room,’ Howard’s partner spotted dried blood on the floor and said the room looked ‘nasty.’…”
“Two dishwashers located next to the staff toilet served as sterilizers, according to employee testimony. Photographs show the toilet was bloody and functioned as a human waste disposal in the literal sense…”

Abortion Practitioner Loses License in Kansas After Safety Issues:
Topeka, KS ( — A Kansas agency has permanently revoked the medical license of a Kansas City abortion practitioner…
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On the battlefront:
Meet the people who hold the line in the battle for the lives of children and their mothers.

Texas judge takes oath for federal bench:
Priscilla Owen was subject of long Senate battle.
AUSTIN, Texas – Texas judge Priscilla Owen, the subject of a long and heated confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate, took the oath of office Monday for her new seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Justice Janice Roger Brown confirmed:
After two year wait, Bush nominee appointed to the federal bench.
After two years of protests against President Bush’s conservative nominees to the federal bench, the U.S. Senate Wednesday confirmed the most controversial justice of all, Janice Rogers Brown, an African-American woman.

Scientific Basis for Doubts About Stem Cell Research:
Embryology Points to Humanity of Nascent Life – WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 4, 2005

Fact Sheet: Valuing Life Through Embryo Adoption and Ethical Stem Cell Research White House Fact Sheet.

Democrats Say Birth Control Rights Under Attack.

South Dakota facing lawsuit over new abortion law.

Pope condemns abortion, embryo research.

Oakland, Calif.-based Post-Abortion Telephone Counseling Service Expands Across USA.

Cloned humans a “dangerous” fantasy: S.Korean cloning expert.

Planned Parenthood ordered to repay state:
Jefferson City A circuit judge has ordered two Planned Parenthood branches to repay the state $668,850 in family planning grants, upholding a prohibition on state money going to the affiliates of abortion providers.


Catholics split on embryo adoption:
The adoption of unwanted embryos from fertility clinics by married couples is at the nucleus of a theological debate, especially within the Roman Catholic Church.

From the NewYork Times:
Planned Parenthood of Indiana has to show state investigators the medical records of some of its youngest patients, a judge ruled on Tuesday. The judge rejected the organization’s contention that disclosing such records could have a chilling effect on patients across the state.
Since March, Attorney General Steve Carter has been seeking the records of more than 80 patients younger than 14, saying his Medicaid fraud unit is trying to determine whether children have been neglected because molesting incidents were not reported to the authorities as required. Under Indiana law, anyone under 14 who is sexually active is considered a victim of sexual abuse, and health providers are required to report such cases to the state authorities.
In his ruling, Judge Kenneth H. Johnson of Marion Superior Court denied the Planned Parenthood request for a preliminary injunction against Mr. Carter’s office, which has obtained parts of 8 patients’ records and is seeking the records of 76 others.
“The great public interest in the reporting, investigation and prosecution of child abuse trumps even the patient’s interest in privileged communication with her physician, because in the end, both the patient and the state are benefited by the disclosure,” Judge Johnson wrote in a 23-page decision.
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CALIFORNIA Assisted-suicide bill heads to Assembly vote. Oregon is now only state to have a law on the books.

Calif. Debates Assisted Suicide.

Post-Schiavo Questions Await Congress’s GOP Leaders.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Urges Support for His Pro-Life, Pro-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill, H.R. 2574.
What H.R. 810 means and why it’s important
The US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday, May 24, on HR 810, a bill that orders federal funding of stem cell research that requires killing human embryos.
More on this…

Who voted for and against H.R. 810. More information on Stem Cell Research.

View the Life Advocacy Digest from LifeAdvocacy.Com.

Petition for ProLife/Profamily Activist and Pope John Paul II to be known as John Paul the Great .

Man Faces Assisted Suicide Charge.

Hospital Stays Increase Suicide Risk in Elderly: Study: People over age 80 hospitalized for an illness in the previous two years are more likely to commit suicide than people who haven’t been in the hospital, says a Danish study in the May issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

US death row inmate asks to donate liver to sister.

Access to ´morning-after´ pill expected to increase.

ACLJ Files Federal Lawsuit against Washington, D.C. Police after Pro-Life Counselor Assaulted by Police During Peaceful Protest Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic.
Ending the Filibuster on Judicial Nominees:
We need you to contact Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Chuck Hagel and tell them to restore Senate tradition by supporting the constitutional option and allowing votes on the President’s judicial nominees. More information…

House passes limit on abortion for minors.

Autopsy Contradicts Woman’s Botched Abortion Claim.

State will not fight abortion for girl:
WEST PALM BEACH – Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday the state will not appeal a judge’s decision allowing a teenager in state custody to have an abortion.

Lawmakers make changes to abortion bill:
JEFFERSON CITY Despite criticism from abortion opponents, a Missouri House committee on Monday made significant changes to a bill that would have imposed a host of restrictions on abortions.

Revealed: the pro-euthanasia group that helps finance visits to Swiss suicide clinic.

Pope Benedict to follow in footsteps of John Paul II in pro-life stands.

Kathleen Parker:
Must parents sit idly as daughters are taken for abortions?

Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells.

Police used Taser on pregnant driver.

Texas baby dies before treatment withheld:
A terminally ill infant at the center of a life support fight died Wednesday, less than a week before a hospital had planned to withhold treatment.

Charges weighed against man who impregnated West Palm teen.

House approves final version of stem cell bill.

Stand up and be counted, Right to Life speaker says.

Identify ‘minors’ on death row.

Group Files Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood Clinic on Behalf of Pro-Life Protester.

Human babies ‘grown in lab’.

Abortion center of budget debate.

Bush will not appeal ruling allowing teen’s abortion.

Mexican Immigrant May Face Two Years in Prison for Self-Induced Abortion Under South Carolina Law:
A 22-year-old Mexican immigrant who lives in Pelion, South Carolina, has been charged with performing an abortion on herself, which is illegal in South Carolina, and could face up to two years in prison and a $1,000.


Gay Fetus Bill Dismissed.

Way cleared for stem cell research bill:
House and Senate leaders announced yesterday that they have reached an agreement on a bill promoting embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts, setting the stage for the measure to become law in the coming weeks.

Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive?:
A woman who was scheduled to have her 22-week-along pregnancy ended at a Florida abortion clinic instead delivered the baby alive in a restroom and says her pleading for help from medical staff went unheeded.

Woman sues hospital for failed abortion:
A WOMAN who gave birth after undergoing an abortion is suing for £250,000 compensation.

SHARON OSBOURNE was ordered by her mother to have an abortion after she fell pregnant at the age of 17

Arizona Surrogate Mother Gives Birth to Quintuplets.

Boxer eyes prescription protection Bill would secure birth control rights.

Panel approves unborn child bill.

The third victim of an abortion is the father of the aborted child..

Unborn baby threatens mom in new burger ad.

Pro-Life Group Applauds Enforcement of Born-Alive Infants Protection Law.

Crypt used for abortion service.

Roe v. Wade’s Roe Speaks at Cornell.

Pro-choice groups slam papal choice.

Ex-boyfriend accused of causing miscarriage.

Woman who suffered miscarriage after arrest files suit.

Arizona pharmacists can’t decline Rx.

Funeral held for fetus found in wastewater.

Another Poll: Catholics Backed Pope John Paul II on Abortion.

Illinois Gov. Sued Over Discrimination Against Pro-Life Pharmacists.

Trial set for man who withheld taxes in abortion protest.

14-Year-Old Ohio Girl’s Abortion Investigated.

Mom leaves newborn baby at Jensen Beach fire station.

Democratic Strategists Issue Memo on Loss of Catholics.

Curves Fitness Centers row over pro-life gifts of boss.

LIFE DIGEST: Cleft-lip abortion not prosecuted in Britain; justices criticize Roe v. Wade; pro-life bills introduced in Congress.

Alaska’s abortion Web site is online and open to public review.

Iran legalises abortion for health reasons.

Guilty plea in Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Pro-Life initiative allies to turn in 950,000 names.

Abortion bill would mandate counseling.

12-week-old unborn baby pictures.

Seventeen states have no laws requiring parental notification .

“Fetal pain” fallacy .

Elusive middle ground .

Terri Schiavo News
Appeal Fails
Schiavo Judge Won’t Order Tube Insertion

Arrested trying to give Terri water

House, Senate Agree on Compromise to Help Save Terri Schiavo

Cloning Sparks Concern Over Egg Donors

U.N. anti-cloning decision praised

Underage abortions targeted in

Baby at center of life support case dies

“It Was Horrible, Horrible!” A First-Hand Account of What Goes on Inside a Chula Vista Abortion Clinic

Busted! Planned parenthood & National Abortion Federation Caught in Pedophile Protection Scandal

Stealth Cloning Washington state tries legalizing cloning on the sly.

Jill Stanek Waging the war against abortion through truth, boldness & perseverance

Free Speech in Church