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Mother’s Day AD

Mother’s Day AD will again be in the OWH

We have used billboards to get our message of the importance of life to Nebraskans the last few years.
Before that we listed all the names in a full-page ad in the Omaha World Herald and we will do it again this year. The Sunday OWH goes across Nebraska and it is a way that we show pro-life strength.
It is a wonderful opportunity for you to honor your own mother publicly. Please let us know if it is to be in the “Memorial” section for deceased moms. Each donor can use up to 27 typed spaces. Please use the form with this newsletter.

Will YOUR NAME be included?

2013 Dinner for Life

Nebraskans United for LIFE “Celebration of Life”
40th Annual Dinner & Silent /Oral Auction
Saturday, January 19th, 2013

6:00 pm Social
7:00 pm Dinner

The evening will be hosted by NUFL Board of Directors

Scott Conference Center
6450 Pine Street
Ak-Sar-Ben Village

$45 per person, $450 for a table of 10
For information call 402-399-0299.
*Clergy and religious are complimentary. Online purchases will have an additional processing fee.

$45 seat + $3 processing fee

$450 table of 10 + $7 processing fee


*Ak-Sar-Ben Theatre 2 tickets, soft drink & popcorn
*Up Stream Restaurant Lunch for (2) Omaha Community Playhouse (2) tickets
*The Rose Preformig Arts (4) tickets
*Mama” Pizza Gift Certificate $20
*Lansky Gift Certificate $10
*Sempeck’s Bowling bowling,shoes & Pitchr of soda for (6)
*Sgt. Peffer’s (2) $25 gift certificates
*Big Mama”s Kitchern $25 Gift Certificate
*Eagle Run (twosome & Cart) Ted & Wally’s free reg. cone or dish for (5)
*Applebee’s (2) Gift Certicates
*Chiropratic Wellness Center 1/2 hour Massage
*Fontenelle Nature Center (2) Guest Passes for (4) people
*Family fun Center (4) passes
*Target $50 Gift Certificate
*Omaha Storm Chasers $20 off ticket purchase
*Skate City (4) Passes
*Spaghetti Works (2) Free Dinners
*Cheese Factory Gift Certificate $25
*Gloria Deo Crucifix Lauritzen “Gardens (4) passes
*Husker Football Beanie Babies
*Ice Plex (10) Passes
*Amazing Pizza Machine $20 Gift Certificate
*Texas Roadhouse $15 Gift Certificat & (4) appertizer Certificates
*Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo (4) Passes & a Giraffe stuffed toy
*Durham Museum (2) passes @ allows (2) adult & (4) child
*Christine Worthing Necklace & (2) sets of matching earrings
*Rosemary Andrews Play Tent
*Hilton Hotel Omaha one (1) Deluxe room
*Gift of Music Plaque and statue of Angel w/Flute-Peace
*statue of Mary and animals & plaque “Let the Children Come to Me-Isabel Bloom Statue Friends
*Life is not measured, quotable canvas and Trust Cross-Willow Tree Angel of Hope and Angel of Heart and Soul-Statue of St. Anthony and the child(olive wood from Holy Land)- *Lead Crystal Cross
*COLLECTIBLE PLATES: Heavenly King -Angels were Watching-Gifts to Jesus-Our Lady of Lourdes-Our Lady of Fatima-Grace-Our Lady of Medjugorie-Wooden Noah’s Ark and Peggy Karr plate Noah’s Ark-Angel with Red Heart Set of three:Faith Plaque, Faith Fish Stone and Faith Candle
*Celtic Cross
*Pope John Pauls picture w/ Rosary-picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Rosary
*Metal abstract Crucifix-Mary Statue- Ten commandments in Spanish-Ten Commandments in English-Sisters of St. Joseph Statue of “May Confidence”
*Jesus and the Children statue-HOLIDAY: Five piece winter wishes table set
*Christmas with coca mix and gift certificates to Ted and Wally’s
*Two Snowflake lamp candles-Glass Christmas pedestal and snowflake ornament
*Fitz and Floyd Santa Music Box
*Disney Mickey Mouse snow globe
*Valentine Package Godiva Chocolates, Valentine Candles and Ak-Sar
*Ben move Passes
*Bath/Body lotion set and perfume
*Accessories-DOLLS: Two Ecuador Dolls
*Ronald Reagan Talking Doll
*Wedding Doll
*African American Doll Spano 1997
*Recipe notebook,Omaha Steaks book :grilling” with serving Fork and Spoon
*Four piece pure linen tablecloth and napkins with red glasses set
*Oneida 45 piece stainless
*Aurthur and Elena Court cutting board and cheese and cracker holder and Emeril Book and Texas Roadhouse Certificate
*Olive Oil Dispenser and Mario Batali cookbook and restaurant
*Sonoma 40 piece dishware set (8) piece setting-Sheffield Cutlery Set
*A. Thompson 1987 “Flowers and Fence”- Asian Print “Mary and Shepard’s”
*Brook Berringer Framed POSTER- JESUS”Our Counselor”
*”Berry Stop” singed print by Carroll Danbom going with bird statue already priced
*”Flowers in a Vase”-Three Children and a Dog
*Sunkid-Bavarian Bear Marionette
*Golf glove, travel golf cover and book Golf Resorts of the World and Eagle Run certificate
*Dick Vitale signed book
*Baseball picture signed by John Diesing and Storm Chasers passes
*Plaque “Footprints”
*Ghree hummingbird wooden inlay pictures and Fontenelle Forest passes
*Joslyn Prints (3) for play
*Globe with jeweled rocks-Butterfly Vase
*Whittle Nursery Rhyme “Girl with a Curl”
*Whittle Nursery Rhyme “Mary had a little Lamb”
*Yesterday’s Child Statue
*Poppy Plate
*Australian Lead Crystal Candle Sticks
*Murano Vase yellow and flower picture
*Two large French statues
*Wellington Bird Statue with Lauritzen Garden Passes and signed bird picture
*Southwest Indian statue “Mother with Baby”
*Baccarat paper weight Star
*Reed and Barton Bud Vase(Solvakia)
*Haegar Vase
*Mikasa Bowl and Candle Holders
*Three Asian Vases(cut glass)-Crystal Bowl and lid
*Amish Heritage Statue Sarah and Maggie Caleb and Erin and Rebecca and Sam
*Royal Crystal Rock candy dish Italian

Jewels_Green2-220x258Keynote speaker
Jewels Green

Regretful and repentant post-abortive mother, former abortion clinic worker, convert, pro-life advocate and writer.

Former Abortion Worker: My Hands Were an Accessory to Murder
by Jewels Green | Washington, DC | | 6/22/12 3:15 PM

As a pre-abortion counselor, I occasionally had a pregnant mother ask me to come visit her in the recovery room once it was all over. Naturally, whoever accompanied her to the abortion clinic that day was not permitted in any of the medical areas, so requests like this were not uncommon.

Some of the weepier women (who were scheduled to be awake with local anesthetic for their abortions) would ask if I could join them in the procedure room to hold their hands during their abortions. I would attempt to deflect this question by reminding them that a nurse would be there to hold their hands, but a few would persist in asking if I could be there to hold their hands. More than a few times, I agreed.

Both procedure rooms at the abortion clinic where I worked for more than five years when I was much younger, and much less wise, were small – and having an extra person in the room besides the pregnant mother, the nurse, and the doctor was difficult and cumbersome. Not every doctor permitted even a pre-abortion counselor into the procedure room during an abortion, but most did because if I was there to hold the woman’s hand, she would remain calmer and quieter, and was more likely to hold still for the abortion – and it would free up the nurse’s hand to more efficiently assist the doctor.

Holding hands was rare in my role as pre-abortion counselor, but it was always raw and unnerving. Most times it was the hand of a sad stranger that I held. Once it was the hand of a friend. Once it was the hand of an enemy. Most were young, some had wedding bands, all were scared, all were sad.

If the doctor allowed me to hold the pregnant mother’s hand during her abortion, I would be called into the procedure room after she was already prepped and draped. The nurse would open the door for me, and I would go straight to the head of the table, being sure to stay out of the way, and hold her hand and look into her eyes and murmur, “Everything is going to be alright.”

One young woman, who was about 9 to 10 weeks pregnant and nineteen years old (the same age my grandmother was when she had my mother, the same age I was as I held her hand, the same age my baby was when I had my abortion) squeezed my hand so hard it nearly brought tears to my eyes. And this was before the abortion began. “Everything is going to be alright.” She met my gaze and nodded, then squeezed her eyes shut and begin to quietly sob as the doctor put the speculum in place. The doctor was not oblivious to her, and he took a moment to get up from the stool to ask, “There is still time to change your mind, are you sure this is what you want to do?” She silently nodded again, squeaked out a small “yes” and the doctor sat back down and went to work.

You’re going to feel a pinch as I inject the local anesthetic into your cervix.

You’re going to feel some cramping as I use the dilating rods to open your cervix.

You’re going to feel some tugging, and a pulling sensation as I turn on the suction machine.

It’s almost over.

The sound of the machine was always the worst. For her and for me. The sound of suctioning water is abruptly changed when the cannula (the hard plastic hollow tube inserted into the uterus) hits something harder than water. There is a sudden stopping; a rapid decrease in pitch and timbre of the sucking sound. And it is heartbreaking.

It’s over now. Just lie still for a few minutes before you try to get up.

She has kept her eyes clamped shut the entire time. All five minutes of her abortion. Now she looks up at me again, but she is changed. Her eyes no longer pleading, she has aged, and now all I see behind her eyes is resignation.

With a pump of her hand and a forced grimace and a nod, I excuse myself from the procedure room so the nurse can clean up her patient and escort her to the recovery room. I walk down the hall, back through the locked steel security door that separates the medical area from the rest of the abortion clinic, and stop at the staff bathroom.

I am not surprised that I do not cry…

Yet. Note: Jewels Green writes for Live Action, an organization that uses non-religious arguments to promote the pro-life perspective, and this column is reprinted with permission. She formerly worked at an abortion facility before becoming pro-life.