Mother’s Day AD

Mother’s Day AD will again be in the OWH

We have used billboards to get our message of the importance of life to Nebraskans the last few years.
Before that we listed all the names in a full-page ad in the Omaha World Herald and we will do it again this year. The Sunday OWH goes across Nebraska and it is a way that we show pro-life strength.
It is a wonderful opportunity for you to honor your own mother publicly. Please let us know if it is to be in the “Memorial” section for deceased moms. Each donor can use up to 27 typed spaces. Please use the form with this newsletter.

Will YOUR NAME be included?


Now you can send your monetary contributions online

2014 PAC Questionnaire

Sent to all 67 Mayoral and City Council Candidates March 20th, 2014.
1. Yes ___ No___ Are you publicly and personally against all abortions, all euthanasia (i.e. “assisted suicide, “mercy killing”), all artificial formation of human life outside the womb for the purpose of cloning or fertility treatment, and any offenses against human life?
2. Yes ___ No___ Do you believe that at the moment of either natural or artificial fertilization there is a living, unique and unrepeatable human being present in either the womb or in-vitro (in a test tube or Petri dish)?
3. Yes ___ No___ Is it permissible to abort deformed or diseased babies?
4. Yes ___ No___ Is it permissible to directly and intentionally abort an unborn baby to “save” the life of a mother despite the fact that directly and intentionally killing an unborn baby has never “saved” the life of the mother?
5. Yes ___ No___ Would you support an effort that would definitively protect all life from fertilization to natural and unaided death?
6. Yes ___ No___ Have you ever received money from any group of PAC that supports abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide or any other life-offending group?
7. Yes ___ No___ Do you oppose the existence of all facilities that perform chemical and surgical abortion?
8. Yes ___ No___ Will you work personally and politically to end the trafficking of all baby parts obtained from research and abortion?
9. Yes ___ No___ Will you work to protect the rights of pro-life advocates as they demonstrate peaceably and legally against all abortion providers, nurses, advocates, judges and others who promote abortion and euthanasia?
10. Yes ___ No___ Will you support and endorse legislation that provides conscience protection to health-care providers so they are free from statutory and regulatory mandates that would otherwise require them to provide, participate in or make referral for services that conflict with their moral values?
11. Yes ___ No___ Will you support legislation that removes the current Federal mandate that forces nearly every healthcare plan in the country to include “free” coverage of abortifacient, birth control and sterilization as well as education and counseling on these “preventative services”?
12. Yes___ No___ Do you support replacing the Death Penalty with Life Imprisonment without parole if non-lethal means are sufficient to defend the innocent against an aggressor and protect public order and the safety of persons?

The ethic of life (2009)

Debate on the ethic of life
Voter info

Dear Mr. Jerram & Mr. Maxwell,

I’m writing to find out if you have had an opportunity to clarify any of your “life” or “single-issue” positions? We have your questionnaires which look as if you both are pro-life Catholics. However, it is the political scuttlebutt that this “single-issue” (of life) is an issue with one or both of you and that since one of you is Democrat and the other a Republican, then one is more “life” than the other.

Needless to say, we expect a 100%full-time commitment to life from both of you that never equivocates from Faith or reason and it is our core expectation and assent to the truth that being pro life is first and foremost a reasonable issue and one that lies in perfect harmony with our religious beliefs as Catholics.

Make no mistake, the pro-life movement is not a religious one!

The pro-life movement is the longest-running, best maintained and grotesquely ignored civil-rights movement in all of human history.

The strife of the unborn, elderly and infirm in America out-weighs the disgust of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Empire and Japan’blood-lustst during WWII.

Life is the only issue as it precedes all others. If you are a Catholic in the public square and one that believes that abortion is not the only issue and that you can support candidates that are “death” mindewithoutut reprisal (which is the word on the street),then let me offer this quote from the 1998 USCCB statement: Living the Gospel of Life

“Adopting a consistent ethic of life, the Catholic Church promotes a broad spectrum of issues..Oppositionon to abortion and euthanasia does not excusindifferencece to those who suffer from poverty, violence and injustice. Anpoliticscs of human life must work to resist the violence of war anscandalal ocapitalal punishment. Any politics of human dignity must seriously address issues oracismsm, poverty, hunger, employment, education, housing and health care. Therefore, Catholics should eagerly involve themselves as advocates for the weak and marginalized in all those areas. Catholic public officials are obliged to address each of these issues as they seek to build consistent policies which promote respect for the human person of all states. But, being “right” in such matters can never excuse a wrong choice regarding direct attacks on innocent human life [emphasis original]. Indeed the failure to protect life in its most vulnerable stages renders suspect ANY claims to the “rightness” of position in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful on the human community. If we understand the human person as “the temple of the Holy Spirit” — the living house of God — then these latter issues fall logically into place as thcrossbeamsms and walls of that house. ALL DIRECT ATTACKS ON INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE, SUCH AS ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA, STRIKE AT THAT HOUSE’S FOUNDATION.

These directly animmediatelyly violate the human person’s most fundamental right — the right to life. Neglect of these issues is the equivalent of building our house on sand.”

In light of this reminder and due to the important nature of this race, we are inviting you both to an evening of discussion and debate on the ethic of life (or lack thereof) in America. The winner(s) will be highlighted as endorsed by Nebraskans United for Life for the general election.

We would like to hold this event on a Sunday evening at 7pm — please let us know which of these Sundays you would be available and we will, upon decision of the date, release the location.

April 26th
May 3rd

Many thanks!
John Lillis, Chairman