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Jan. 12—Celebration of Life banquet; Jan. 16-20—March for Life in Washington, D.C.; Feb. 14-March 25—Spring 40 Days for Life
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2008 Endorsements



Judge Last Name = Retain (yes or NO)
Check out: Judges should have 90% rating to be retained.
Atkins = YES
Caniglia = YES
Hendrix = NO
Huber = NO
Lowe = NO
Mc Dermott = YES
McQuade = NO
Swartz = NO
White = NO
Coffey = YES
Dougherty = YES
Lamberty = NO
Polk = YES
Randall = NO
Moran = NO
Carlson = NO
Irwin = YES
High = YES
Van Norman = YES
Miller-Lerman = YES

NUFL’s 2008 Endorsements

10/01/2008 UPDATED

Nebraskans United for Life has added new Endorsements. Please, check the updated list below.

U.S. Congress
District 1 Jeff Fortenberry
District 2 Lee Terry
District 3 Adrian Smith

Nebraska Legislature
District 3 Gail Kopplin Scott Price
District 5 Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan
District 7 Christopher Moles
District 13 Kurt Geschwender
District 18 Scott A. Lautenbaugh
District 23 Chris Langemeier
District 29 Tony Fulton
District 31 Rich Pahls
District 35 Greg Neuhaus
District 39 Beau McCoy
District 41 Paul Eurek
District 47 Ken Schilz

University of NE Bd of Regents
Howard Hawks

NE Dept of Ed,
Dist 4 Tim A Heller

Metro Community College
District 3 Tony Sorrentino
District 4 Steve Brock
District 5 James Jim Nekuda

Omaha School Board
District 6 Jim Enright
District 12 Sandra Kostos Jensen

Millard School Board Mike Pate and Linda Poole

District 66 School Board Elmer Gray

Ft. Calhoun School Board Deborah DeBoer

Learning Community Dist 3
John Sieler
Lynne Timmerman Fees

Papillion-LaVista Bd of Ed Dist 27 Gene Kelly

Chase School Board Thomas Gaschler

Natural Resources Districts
Lewis & Clark District 1 Daniel Schaefer
Papio-MO River Dist 5 Rich Tesar
Upper Elkhorn, Dist 7 Jerry Heithoff
Lower Platte, Dist 8 Robert Meduna
South Platte, Dist 8 Larry Hall
Lower Loup, Dist 10 Darwin Anderson
Upper Republican, Dist 5 Thomas Gaschler
Lewis & Clark, Dist 2 Mark Fehringer
Lower Elkhorn Dist 2 Chris Carlson

Western Community College Richard Stickney

Bennington Mayor CC Skip Wolff

Valley Mayor Carroll Smith

Metro Utilities District
Mike McGowan
Thomas Dowd

Douglas County Board Chip Maxwell

Sarpy County Commissioner Jerry Ryan

NUFL’s 2008 Endorsements

04/01/2008 updated 04/30/2008

Each candidate receives a letter or fax from Nebraskans United for Life, requesting they answer our Questionnaire. In addition to the questionnaire, we meet with them for a more personal interview. After that, we decide whether we will endorse them or not. We ONLY endorse those candidates that are 100% pro-life.

Endorsement Revoked: We regret to inform that Nebraskans United For Life is no longer endorsing the following candidate: District 3: Christopher N. Geary