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Day of Remembrance A solemn prayer vigil will be held Saturday, Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery, 5226 S. 46th St. in Omaha. For whatever reason abortion is chosen, loss is experienced and finding air to breathe again after such an experience can be a painful process. Our hope is that those who have made the choice to abort can find healing and forgiveness – and solidarity – as we meet together in this solemn ceremony.
September 2017
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2010 Endorsements

VOTE Pro-Life on Nov. 2, 2010 – or when you vote absentee
Section updated 10/28/10

US House of Representatives:
Lee Terry
State Treasurer
Don Stenberg
State Auditor
Mike Foley
Burt County Sheriff
Kirk Kunze

Sarpy County Commissioner Jim Warren

Nebraska Legislature
Dist 4 Pete Pirsh
Dist 6 John Nelson
Dist 8 John Comstock
Dist 10 Tim Lonergan & Bob Krist
Dist 18 Scott Lautenbaugh

MUD Board Ron Wanek

State Bd of Education Dist 8 John Sieler

Endorsements as of April 21, 2010:

State Treasurer: Tony Fulton, Don Stenberg, Tom Nesbitt

State board of education district #8 John Sieler

Omaha City Council Dst#1 Sharon Chvala

Bellevue Mayor Jerry Ryan & Chuck Fredrick

Sarpy County Board Jim Warren

Governor– Christopher Geary

State Auditor– Mike Foley

State Legislator:
Dist#4 Pete Pirsch
Dist.#6 John Nelson
Dist. #8 John Comstock
Dist. #10 Tim Lonergan & Bob Krist
Dist.#12 John Lillis
Dist.#18 Scott Lautenbaugh
Dist# 44 Mark R. Christensen

U. S. House of Representatives Dist.#2 Lee Terry & Matt Sakalosky

M.U.D. Board Ron Wanek