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Jan. 12—Celebration of Life Dinner fundraiser: Sandra Merritt will be the keynote speaker at our annual banquet and silent auction fundraiser. Merritt and fellow citizen journalist David Daleiden participated in an undercover video sting and exposed the sale of aborted baby body parts. Come hear Merritt tell the story of the remarkable undertaking that remains, and the historic legal battle it has become. The event will be held at the DC Centre, 11830 Stonegate Drive, Omaha, NE 68164. Tickets are $45, and may be purchased by clicking our “Donate” button at the bottom left of our home page, by mailing a check to NUFL, 143 S. 38th St., Omaha, NE 68131. Steak and shrimp will be served.
October 2017
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NUFL Endorsed Candidates 2012
Nebraskans United for Life Endorsed Candidates 2012
President Obama — supporter of abortion and the largest provider of abortion – Planned Parenthood
US Senate
Pat Flynn
Don Stenberg
US Congress
Jeff Fortenberry, Dist 1
Dennis Parker, Dist 1
Brett Lindstrom, Dist 2
Lee Terry, Dist 2
Adrian Smith, Dist 3

Nebraska Legislature
Bill Kintner, Dist 2
Christopher Geary, Dist 7
Erica Fish, Dist 9
William T. Goodpasture, Dist 19
Michael Smith, Dist 29
Cash Ostrander, Dist 43
John Murante, Dist 49
State BD of Ed
Tom Schommer Dist 3
NE BD Regents
Larry Bradley Dist 4
Mark Lakers Dist 8
Learning Community
Blaine McCulloh Dist 6
Mike Avery Dist 6
OPS BD of Ed
Randi Scott Dist 12
MCC Board
Steve Brock Dist 4
CCC Bd of Gov
Sandra Borden Dist 3
William Gannon Dist 5
WNCC Bd of Gov
Richard Stickney Dist 3
William Gannon
David Dowling Sub D-11
OPPD Metro
Dwite Pedersen
Mike Cavanaugh
CTL Platte NRD
Andrew Murphy Sub D-2
Little Blue NRD
Jim Cunningham Sub D-8
L Elkhorn NRD
Chris Carlson Sub D-2
U Elkhorn NRD
Gerald Heithoff Sub D-7
L Niobrara NRD
Karl Connell Sub D-1
John Janzing Sub D-7
L Platte N NRD
Art Bailey Sub D-4
Robert Meduna Sub D-9
L Platte S NRD
Ron Geary Sub D-8
Larry Hall Sub D-8
Nemaha NRD
Mike McDonald Sub D-2
Mid Republican NRD
Joseph Anderjaska At Large