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Mother’s Day AD

Mother’s Day AD will again be in the OWH

We have used billboards to get our message of the importance of life to Nebraskans the last few years.
Before that we listed all the names in a full-page ad in the Omaha World Herald and we will do it again this year. The Sunday OWH goes across Nebraska and it is a way that we show pro-life strength.
It is a wonderful opportunity for you to honor your own mother publicly. Please let us know if it is to be in the “Memorial” section for deceased moms. Each donor can use up to 27 typed spaces. Please use the form with this newsletter.

Will YOUR NAME be included?


We had an opportunity to speak with Ak Sar Ben Electric company owner, Mr. Joe Schutte. He assured us he is not doing business with Planned Parenthood. We apologize for any misunderstanding and have removed that company’s name from the list.

We are compiling a list of businesses who are working in collaboration with the new Planned Parenthood abortion chamber at 3105 N. 93rd St. in Omaha, Nebraska. It is morally reprehensible to collaborate with the shedding of innocent blood. It cannot be justified as simply a business decision. No one has the moral right to “make a living” off the backs of murdered pre-born children. It is time to return the stigma of collaborator to those who profit in any way for this holocaust. For Christians, exposing the abortion collaborator is an act of obedience as stated in Ephesians 5:11, but these businesses must also be given an opportunity to repent and denounce any association they have with the abortion trade.

We realize that once you learn who they are, you will not want to do business with companies that profit from the murder of pre-born children, but this is more than a boycott list. We hope you will also be moved to contact these companies in an attempt to witness and to educate them to the evil of abortion and the sanctity of human life. That is the duty of a Christian as well as all people of good will. And of course, we must pray that God will touch their hearts and turn them away from the evil.

The abortion collaborators, like all collaborators with evil, want to hide their deeds from public view. Some go to great lengths to conceal this treachery. Most don’t want their company’s good name tainted in the community. They are quite willing to profit from innocent blood – but only as long as no one knows. They wish to avoid the shame and stigma that is the natural result of having their collaboration exposed.

It is our job to shine the light of truth and expose their bloodguilt.

Once a company’s name has been added to the list it can only be removed when it ceases all association with the abortion industry. It is not enough to have completed the job, as the damage is already done. In that case, a letter must also be sent to us apologizing to the community for its betrayal. That letter will then be posted on this website.

Please contact the following companies and express your disapproval of their collaboration with Planned Parenthood and let them know you will no longer do business with them.


C/O Anne Eyman
8506 So. 117th Street
La Vista, NE 68128-5560

Anne Eyman Home:
1633 No. 102nd Avenue
Omaha, NE 68114-1124

Viking Construction Inc
% Jeff Bauer
201 W Washington Street
Exira, IA 50076

Ralph N. Smith, Inc.
c/o Rick Harper
714 S.E. 15th Street
Des Moines, IA 50317-1016

American Waste Services, LLC


Continental Fire and Sprinkler

Work Space, Inc
Des Moines, IA

T&M Services
Furniture Installation

Storey Kenworthy
Office Interiors

Baker Group

Fischer Building Services

Cleaning Connection

Qwest (was off to the side — not sure if they were working on PP).

CEI Canelli Engineering Inc. (mechanical engineering)
2652 County Road #2
Bennington, NE

Baldwin White Architects, P.C.
3639 Grand Avenue.
Des Moines, IA 50312.
Fax 515-255-2208

Aksarben Heating and Air
7070 South 108th Street
Omaha, Nebraska (LaVista) 68128
402-331-1233, 402-238-1747