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The ‘Morning After’ Pill, also known as MAP (Plan B)

How does The ‘Morning After’ Pill (also known as ‘MAP Plan B’ or ’emergency contraception’) work?
MAP works three ways:

1. By suppressing ovulation (female egg production in the ovary)
2. By thickening mucous in the cervix which blocks sperm passage
3. By making the lining of the uterus hostile to implantation and causing an abortion

It is, of course, the last point that is of the highest concern, especially for people who value human life. Which leads us to a very important question. Reardon, D. “The Best Kept (ugly little) Secret in America.” The Post Abortion Review 6(4) Sept-Dec. 1998

Is the MAP contraception, or abortion?
Women who choose to use MAP will never know which has happened, because MAP can be both. If a woman has not yet ovulated, MAP works as a contraceptive by suppressing ovulation. However, if she has become pregnant, but the embryo has not yet implanted, the use of MAP is an abortion. Chemicals such as these that cause abortion are called “abortifacients.”

Do Planned Parenthood and the FDA say it’s not an abortifacient?
Yes on both counts. However, in order to say this, “when life begins” had to be redefined to fit the purpose. In an effort to make MAP more acceptable to the general public, the well-known truth about when life begins is simply ignored. If you “change the rules” and say life begins not at conception (fertilization), but implantation 7-10 days later), now MAP is not an abortifacient drug. But is this true, or is it changing truth to fit the situation?

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Below are news archives from several news sources that do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Nebraskans United for Life or its affiliates, but are a sampling of what the media is reporting in relation to life issues.

  • Objections Over Morning After Pill Hold Up Support for Legislation to Protect Contraceptive Coverage
    BETH ADAMS JUN 5, 2017
    Leaders of the Rochester chapter of Now, the National Organization for Women, are calling on New York State Senator Rich Funke to support the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act.
  • College dispenses morning-after pill in vending machine
    April 24, 2017
    In a quiet study lounge at the University of California, Davis, back in the corner just past the coffee cups, you’ll find contraception for sale in a vending machine. If you look closely, the machine isn’t just stocked with condoms and pregnancy tests. It’s selling the morning-after pill. It dispenses the Plan B pill for $30 a box.
  • Congressman Ratchets Up Campaign Against Abortion Drug
    WASHINGTON With two new deaths linked to the abortion drug RU-486, the leading congressional opponent to the drug stepped up his call to yank it off the market, saying manufacturers have made pregnancy ‘a near fatal disease.’
    At his news conference Wednesday, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., held aloft a picture of 18-year-old Holly Patterson, who died after taking the drug. He urged an immediate vote on his bill, HR 1079, ‘Holly’s Law,’ which would force the Food and Drug Administration to remove the drug from the market for further investigation
  • Massachusetts Demands Wal-Mart Stock Morning After Pill:
    BOSTON The state board that oversees pharmacies voted Tuesday to require Wal-Mart to stock emergency contraception pills at its Massachusetts pharmacies, a spokeswoman at the Department of Public Health said.
  • Two die after RU-486 abortion pill
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Two women reportedly died after using the RU-486 abortion pills, US drug regulators said without having confirmed the causes of the deaths. The Food and Drug Administration said that the manufacturer, Danco Laboratories, had reported the deaths and that the FDA was investigating.
  • Walmart To Carry ‘Morning After Pill’
    Walmart says they have changed their minds and do plan to carry the ‘The Morning After Pill’ in all of their stores’ pharmacies across the country.
    If taken within the first five days after unprotected sex, the pill can prevent unintended pregnancy. But until Friday, you could only get it at the Walmart pharmacies in Massachusetts and Illinois, where stores were required to stock it. 8 News contacted Walmart who previously refused to sell the pill locally about their change in policy. They would not speak to us on camera but did release this statement.
    ‘We expect more states to require us to sell the emergency contraceptives in the months ahead, because of this and the fact this is an FDA approved product, we feel it is difficult to justify being the country’s only major pharmacy chain not selling it.’
  • Target Fires Pharmacist in Missouri over Morning-After Pill; Americans United for Life Files EEOC Complaint (PRESS RELEASE)
    To: State and City Desks
    Contact: Daniel McConchie or Erin Cox of the Americans United for Life, 312-492-7234
    ST. LOUIS, Jan. 26 /U.S. Newswire
    Pharmacist Heather Williams has been fired from her job at Target after Planned Parenthood threatened to boycott the chain because of her employment.
    During the five years of her employment, Ms. Williams had conscientiously objected to being required to dispense the morning-after pill, a drug that the manufacturer says can cause the abortion of an early human embryo. Target had always accommodated her objection and dispensed the drug to their customers without Ms. Williams involvement. Under the threat of a Planned Parenthood boycott, the chain decided to cease protecting her right of conscience and terminate her employment.
    Americans United for Life has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint on behalf of Heather Williams, alleging that Target discriminated against her based upon her religious beliefs and desire to exercise her conscience.
    Edward R. Martin, Jr., the Americans United for Life attorney representing Heather Williams, stated, “This incident illustrates the spreading intolerance that groups like Planned Parenthood have for those who disagree with their agenda. No longer are they content to promote their views in their clinics and state legislatures. Now they want private businesses to fire innocent employees who just don’t want to be involved in their agenda.”
    Martin continued, “Ms. William’s termination makes it clear that states like Missouri must pass laws that specifically offer conscience protection for pharmacists, like those that already exist for doctors and nurses. Without such laws, special interest groups will continue to work to overturn policies in private companies, breeding intolerance and coercion.”
    The Target action follows the firing of at least five Walgreens pharmacists in Illinois after Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich issued a rule forcing pharmacies to dispense the morning-after pill.
    Heather Williams has been a pharmacist for more than 16 years, five of those years with Target. She lives in St. Charles, Missouri and is the mother of three young children.
    For interviews, contact Daniel McConchie or Erin Cox at Americans United for Life — 312-492-7234.
    Americans United for Life (AUL) is the leading public-interest law firm dedicated to providing legal expertise and strategy in the field of life-affirming legislation, litigation, and public education. Headquartered in Chicago, Ill., AUL’s fields of legal expertise include abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, physician- assisted suicide, destructive embryo research, and human cloning.
  • Nevada Pharmacy Board won’t decide conscience rule
    RENO, Nev. State regulators have abandoned a plan to formally authorize Nevada pharmacists to deny a prescription based on moral grounds. The Nevada Board of Pharmacy decided yesterday to leave the controversial matter up to the state legislature. The panel had been considering a new regulation that would make it clear a pharmacist can refuse a prescription if they are able to find another way for the patient to get the medicine.
  • Planned Parenthood protests Target’s Plan B policy
    Target Corp. is defending its policy on filling prescriptions for emergency contraception after the Planned Parenthood Federation of America accused the retailer of disrespecting customers’ reproductive rights. Target allows pharmacists to choose not to fill requests for emergency contraception, also known as Plan B, if it is against their religious beliefs.
  • FDA rejects over the counter move for Plan B
  • Be grateful to FDA (Editorial on FDA decision) 
    Fallout over the FDA decision keep the “Morning After” pill available only by prescription

The most interesting thing about this story is how it is being reported. The wording for the eye-catching headlines is not subtle. The San Francisco Chronicle reports it as a probe, as if documents are currently being shredded at some government office. The Chicago Tribune reports the “Brass Quashed” it and the USA Today online edition tags it with the line, “unusual” (they should know, one of their main stories today was (Heidi) Fleiss plans makeover for Nevada brothel). Even Fox News would not be left out with the headline “FDA Didn’t follow procedures.”

FDA’s Morning-After Pill Decision Probed San Francisco Chronicle – Nov 14 4:18 PM
FDA brass squashed Plan B pill Chicago Tribune – Nov 15 3:51 AM
Report: FDA Didn’t Follow Procedures Fox News – Nov 14 11:13 AM
Report: FDA’s morning-after pill process was ‘unusual’ USA Today – Nov 14 3:19 PM

And more “UNBIASED” Headlines without links:

FDA Chokes on Morning-After Pill
The Village Voice – Nov 15 2:27 PM
Row over Plan B unearths suspicion of political manipulation
News-Medical-Net – Nov 16 2:47 PM
FDA’s acts on Plan B faulted
Sun-Sentinel – Nov 15 6:42 AM

The articles contained here do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Nebraskans United for Life or its affiliates.
They are a sampling of what the media is saying in relation to Life Issues and for informational purposes only.