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Jan. 12—Celebration of Life banquet; Jan. 16-20—March for Life in Washington, D.C.; Feb. 14-March 25—Spring 40 Days for Life
September 2018
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This questionnaire was used at the beginning of the year; however, after a revission, it was determined that it did not completely reflects the NUFL’s views, and it was changed back to the one used in 2009. Click here to view 2009’s questionnaire.

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2010 Candidate’s Questionnaire

In order to be considered for endorsement by Nebraskans United for Life PAC, please answer each and every question asked and answer only yes or no by placing an ‘X’ in the appropriate space provided.

1. YES ____ NO ____ At the moment of either natural or artificial conception, is there a living, unique and unrepeatable human being, a person present in either the womb or in vitro [Latin: in glass] (As in fertility treatments or cloning)?

2. YES ____ NO ____ Since murder is generally accepted to be defined as the direct, premeditated and intentional killing of one human being by another, is abortion (by surgery or chemical, regardless of the unborn’s stage of human development), murder?

3. YES ____ NO ____ Are you, publicly & personally, against all abortions, all euthanasia, all artificial co-creation of human life outside the womb for the purpose of cloning or fertility treatment, all assisted suicides, all mercy-killings and any and all offenses against human life? (If no, please add explanatory note.)

4. YES ____ NO ____ Understanding that Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and other groups support and/or acquiesce to the right to kill the unborn if the unborn person has been conceived through an act of rape or incest, do you support the death sentence (abortion) for children so conceived?

5. YES ____ NO ____ Furthermore, understanding these same groups all allow for the unborn to be killed “to save the life” of the mother which is in fact construed by killers to mean the life as in the health of the mother – which – in reality becomes an assessment of her mental, financial, psychological and other subjective states of well being (translating necessarily into our current debacle of abortion on demand) — do you agree with this much touted abortion “exception?”

6. YES ____ NO ____ Given question number two defines the argument, do you believe that the direct and intentional killing of an unborn child in the womb can ever save the physical life of the mother?

7. YES ____ NO ____ Knowing the principal of double-effect allows for legitimate therapy to be performed on a woman even if the UNINTENDED consequence of such therapy would mean the death of her unborn child – which is NOT and NEVER IS an abortion, do you really think there should be abortions allowed to save the life of a mother?

8. YES ____ NO ____ Are you (or your spouse) now supporting or have you ever supported Planned Parenthood or its allies in any way?

9. YES ____ NO ____ Do you now or have you ever supported, in any way, Planned Parenthood teaching violence against women and the unborn through abortion and promoting licentiousness in our public and private schools (As in distributing books on masturbation to kindergarteners and condoms to teens)?

10. YES ____ NO ____ Is it permissible to abort deformed or diseased babies (As in down syndrome, fetal defects, etc)?

11. YES ____ NO ____ Is it permissible to abort or freeze so-called “extra” babies during fertility or experimental cloning treatments (As in “reductions”)?

12. YES ____ NO ____ Is it okay to kill an unborn baby for his or her stem-cells or other body parts?

13. YES ____ NO ____ Do you specifically support embryonic stem cell research in any form and/or any volume?

14. YES ____ NO ____ Would you sponsor, co-sponsor, support and/or vote for an Amendment to the US Constitution & or the Nebraska Constitution that would definitively protect all human life from conception to natural and unaided death (The so-called Human Life Amendment)?

15. YES ____ NO ____ Are you now receiving or have you ever received money directly or indirectly, personally or for a political campaign, from any group or PAC that supports abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, mercy killings, gene therapy, illicit fertility enhancement, reproductive or therapeutic cloning, the sale of baby body parts or any other life-offending group?

16. YES ____ NO ____ Would you ever accept monies, personally or for a political campaign, from any pro-death agency or its partners?

17. YES ____ NO ____ Do you support the First Amendment Rights of all Americans, including Pro-Life Americans?

18. YES ____ NO ____ Will you work to force the closure of all abortion facilities in Nebraska and throughout the United States?

19. YES ____ NO ____ Knowing that there is Interstate commerce and sale of butchered baby parts, will you work to stop this barbaric practice?

20. YES ____ NO ____ Knowing that RU-486, “plan B” pills, emergency contraception and “the pill,” are ALL abortafacients that kill unborn children, do you support their? (If yes, provide an explanatory note.)

21. YES ____ NO ____ Will you work personally and politically to stop all Federal and State funding of abortion providers and their allies?

22. YES ____ NO ____ Will you support, appoint and/or vote for Pro-Life judges?

23. YES ____ NO ____ Will you support, appoint and/or vote for Pro-Life Nebraska Senators, State Representatives and Senators to the United States Congress?

24. YES ____ NO ____ Have you ever worked with a Pro-Life group in the past?

25. YES ____ NO ____ Are you a Pro-Life Democrat?

26. YES ____ NO ____ Are you a Pro-Life Republican?

27. YES ____ NO ____ Are you a Pro-Life Independent?

28. YES ____ NO ____ Will you pledge to pray and work for the end of all offenses against human life without exception or compromise?

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